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Section K9

6/21/13 by Yinping
Updated 6/21/13

This is a random story I wrote, it's kind of farfetched but I think I didn't do to bad of a job.

In the year 2056 the crime rate has gone up a staggering 26% and the society is barley holding together. The government has become corrupted with countless dirty criminals that desire only power and seek no Justice. One sector in the government has noticed this change and has established its own government elsewhere to ensure the safety of the folks in the big cities such as New York, Washington DC. They noticed a huge decline in the amount of technology that is limited to the cities due to the governments hunger for power and control. They then began to round up government officials that still know of the word peace and started working on a project named the Section K9. The project took 5 to 7 years to complete it to the highest amount of perfection. The only problem is the K9 sector didn't have a experimental subject, so they established a full team of about 9 parkour specialists to run packages over the city rooftops because cars could be easily tracked and most people had implants in them, memory chips to hold information as to where they are kept. These individuals had the memory chips removed and almost every run was a success until the day where one of the runners died from missing a long jump from a rooftop and fell to his death. Police and officials were called in to investigate the dead body when the package of the parkourist was found and sent to the high government for inspection they then found out about the K9 project. The documents explained how one could easily replace the right eye socket and parts of the brain on the right side to greatly increase ones endurance and mental capabilities. They didn't know how complete the project without the rest of the blue-prints so they decided to create a shot in which there soldiers would be enhanced physically but not mentally like the K9 was researching. They named them the retrievers and started sending them out against the runners to stop the packages from reaching their destination. There came the time in one of the runners courses named Hope where she was being pursued by retrievers and took a last minute turn out an alleyway which she was then greeted by a tall man roughly 5 foot 11 and about 130 pounds. He quickly moved to the side and looked the direction she was running from. He then noticed her two pursuers and told them to stop there course. They took no heed of his words and opened fire on the man. He quickly dodged the bullets and hid behind the nearest wall by a dumpster's compartment. He easily took out the tallest man with one easy shot and took a last minute run for the other guy and shot him twice threw the left chest but the man also opened fire and a bullet passed through the tall mans right eye and exited the back of his head and he was easily downed and laid there cold dead on the ground. The man that was shot in the chest died in a few minutes from blood loss. The girl named Hope came and inspected the body of the man who saved her and she noticed that his wounds were very particular. She carried him back to the K9 sector and met Doctor Williams who is Chief in charge of the K9 project. She laid her saviors dead body on the construction table and explained to the doctor that the wounds wound make the man the first test subject and it would also save his life. The doctor sighed and nodded as he immediately got to work on the savior. He worked for about 5 hours until finally the surgery was a success. He then rolled the body over and pulled a cord into the back of the man's head and he took a deep breath and got up and looked around shocked, he fell to the floor and stared at the doctor. He thanked him for saving his life and asked why all the information was coming from the sight of his eyes and why his mind was so clear and strong. The doctor explained the effects on the surgery and what the K9 project was. The doctor than gave him a specialized gun in which the top cartridge could turn the flow on the bullet backwards and accelerate it in such a fashion where the bullets become extra accurate and deadly. He gave him a set of anti-material bullets and began to ask the man questions. His name was Cifer and he was an under-cover policeman working for the corrupted government. He only worked for them because he was threatened with his life. The doctor is glad because now he had a double agent and also his first K9 operative. He then sent Cifer to gather people for the rebellion to come and that is where all of you come in. Section K9 is now in effect.

I decided I'm going to make a part two, I'll leave this up for a few more days.


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You wrote something about a role-playing group.May I know what it is for-a game or a skit,something like that?It sounds like a plan there...

6/22/13 Yinping responds:

It's on the website Imvu which I no longer get on anymore.



And this takes place in the future? Sweet! And I wonder how the year came to be!

6/21/13 Yinping responds:

I don't even know myself unless I expand upon the story.



Hello there,I could not help but 'happened' to come across your post and read your story.Firstly,I must say that it has quite an engaging plot as it gives an interesting idea of what might happen in the future(just wait for 43 more years and see if it is true)but it may not be too 'far-fetched' as the world of today is somewhat similar to the one in the story like the part about corruption and some secret organisation(well,maybe for the 'K9' project here with the part of memory chips replacing the 'right eye socket and parts of the brain on the right side',eww,I don't want to even know how they would do that...)Anyway,the story gets exciting quickly with new characters being introduced like the runner Hope,the under-cover cop Cifer and Dr Williams,if possible,could there be some background to these characters like what events happened before they all ended up meeting each other and what their lives were like before 2056?(it is quite funny to use past tense with the year people have not really gone through yet,oh well...)Please make a part two to this,if it is not too much trouble.Overall,great work on this and kudos for the effort and time used to make it.

6/21/13 Yinping responds:

Iv been thinking of making a part two for some time, I might post some different information on the characters some-time in the future. This story was actually for a role-playing group I was thinking of getting started but never really got the chance to.